InMat® LLC Introduces Air D-FenseÔ Barrier Coatings.

New Technology Doubles the Life of Tennis Balls.

Hillsborough, NJ May 29, 2001 --- InMat® LLC announces the first commercial application of its patented Air D-FenseÔ Barrier Coatings in Wilson Racquet Sports DoubleCoreÔ premium ball. The inner core of this ball is coated with Air D-FenseÔ barrier to maintain the air pressure and bounce at least two times longer, increasing the playable time of the ball. The new tennis balls will be available in July 2001.

"We are very excited about products coated with Air D-Fense reaching the consumer this July", said Harris Goldberg, Ph.D., the company's President and co-founder. "We are equally as excited about the possibility this product presents in other areas, such as tires."

The Air D-FenseÔ product line is a completely aqueous, non-hazardous coating with no volatile organics (VOCs). We envision this product line effectively utilized in any rubber product that flexes and needs to hold air. Made possible by early funding from the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, product development continues at InMat® LLC for additional applications such as soccer balls, footballs, bicycle tires and automobile and truck tires. In tires, Air D-FenseÔ coatings offer the opportunity to reduce weight, improve fuel efficiency, improve pressure retention and reduce recycling and incineration costs. The possibilities for greater safety and efficiency with the tire industry is something all of us at InMat® are extremely excited about", said Goldberg.

InMat® LLC, The Innovative Materials Company, is a New Jersey based company leading the development and commercialization of nanocomposite barrier coating technology. InMat® currently is working on applications for the sporting goods, automotive and personal protection markets. The company is committed to providing environmentally friendly coatings to improve product performance for industrial customers. They can be reached by calling (908) 874-7788 or visiting their website