InMat® LLC Receives NJSBDC Success Award 2001 From New Jersey Small Business Development Centers.

Hillsborough, NJ Dec. 11, 2001 --- Because of its success in commercializing new nanocomposite elastomeric barrier coating technology, InMat LLC has been chosen by the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers to receive a NJSBDC Success Award 2001 in East Brunswick on December 14, 2001. InMat's patented coating technology is currently being used by Wilson Sporting Goods in its Double CoreÔ tennis balls, enabling those balls to hold their air pressure at least twice as long as any other pressurized ball. This ball will be the official Davis Cup ball beginning in 2002.

"We are proud to accept this honor, and look forward to additional commercial applications." said Harris Goldberg, Ph.D., President and co-founder. "It is a tribute to our strong technical team that has concentrated on meeting the needs of our customers and continues to improve our technology. We are also excited about the potential for developing thinner, more effective chemical protective gloves and other safety equipment. InMat hopes its technology can play a role in protecting people from chemical warfare agents."

"In addition, most of the leading tire companies are currently evaluating our technology", said Carrie Feeney, Ph.D., Vice President and co-founder. "InMat's coatings offer not only the potential of lower cost but also lighter and safer tires with increased lifetime and fuel efficiency."

The Air D-FenseÔ product line is a completely aqueous, non-hazardous coating with no volatile organics (VOCs). This product line is valuable in any rubber product needs to hold air or needs improved gas or chemical barrier. Made possible by early funding from the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, product development continues at InMat® LLC for additional applications such as soccer balls, footballs, and bicycle tires. Randy Harmon, NJSBDC Director of Technology Commercialization, has helped InMat not only as a consultant, but also in developing important contacts that have been instrumental to its success.

InMat® LLC, The Innovative Materials Company, is a New Jersey based company leading the development and commercialization of nanocomposite barrier coating technology. InMat® currently is working on applications for the sporting goods, automotive and personal protection markets. The company is committed to providing environmentally friendly coatings to improve product performance for industrial customers. They can be reached by calling (908) 874-7788 or visiting their website at www.