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Nanolok Technology
For High Barrier Applications

What is it?

Pioneered by InMat® Inc., Nanolok™ coatings start as aqueous suspensions of nanodispersed silicates in a polymer matrix. They are environmentally friendly, and can be applied via gravure coating processes to polyester film (or other substrates using appropriate adhesives). Nanolok™ technology provides the highest gas barrier of any polymeric coating available on the market today.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced material/structure costs
  • Same level of barrier achieved with coatings on different substrates (OPP same as PET)
  • Cost effective vs. EVOH, PVDC
  • High transparency (see-through clarity)
  • Can be gravure applied
  • Thin coating – maintains physical properties of the substrate
  • Recyclability
  • Environmentally friendly

How does it work?

The Nanolok™ aqueous suspension is applied via roll (or dip, or spray) coating process onto a polyester film or other substrate. Once dry, a very thin coating (0.25-2 microns or 0.01-0.08mils) of Nanolok™ forms on the substrate.

This coating contains hundreds of nanodispersed platelets per micron of coating thickness. These platelets form a tortuous path for molecules such as oxygen and aromatics, dramatically increasing the barrier properties of the substrate. Nanolok™ coatings form an extremely efficient barrier which can be 100’s of times less permeable than the uncoated substrate. In addition, these coatings are transparent, thus useful for see-through packaging applications. Thin coatings are applied, making these coatings highly cost-effective: approximately 1-2 microns (0.04-0.08 mil) of Nanolok™ coating, for example can replace 12 microns (0.5 mil) of EVOH to achieve the same level of oxygen barrier.


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